Is it time for Harold Wilson to be re-incarnated?

In Uncategorized on January 30, 2011 at 4:56 pm

Andrew Neil on form looking at the ‘death of meritocracy’ in this programme from the Beeb: The notion that the elite has stolen the gateway to politics; not just for the Tories but now also Labour. Neil is at his best here pouring acid scorn on our virtual closed shop of senior politics. Harold Wilson barnstormed the Etonian phalanx of British politics leading to a new era of post-aristocratic post-war post-Empire Britain; but here we are again in 1950s Britain, is the general gist with a privileged few shaping the majority. The Union path trodden by Johnson and Prestcott is shut too. Is this post-modern Britain or modern class ridden Britain coming back to curse us?



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