Welcome. My name is Dr Stephen Gibbs PhD (Lancaster) MBA PGCert(Mgt) PCPD MCMI FHEA, Principal Lecturer in Business and Leadership at The Institute of Business, Industry & Leadership, University of Cumbria*, North West England. I spent 26 years in grey-suited leadership and management roles in both publishing and logistics industries, including eight as Managing Director. My academic interest in senior strategic leadership grew out of this journey. This blog is an encounter with the ‘global leadership context’ in its breadth and depth.

I joined the University of Huddersfield Business School academic staff in 2007 to pursue research as a non-disciplinarian, lecturing in global and strategic leadership. This included taking an interdisciplinary scan of the post-2008 leadership context, working with businesses and institutions in the emerging global trading environment, and in pursuit of new value.

Academic and research interests

Research and mentoring is in the area of senior, strategic, change, and thought leadership. As globalisation gradually creates new forms of value-creation in this period of late-capitalism, notions of strategy, purpose and progress are also shifting for senior leaders, both commercial and institutional. Research and coaching addresses new opportunities for creating long-term value. This includes considering how strategic value is maintained over time in a boardroom environment.

*Views are mine.

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