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The changing nature of organisational purpose under globalisation

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I thought it worthwhile capturing the sensations leaders and managers are experiencing when considering purpose and direction. And express this outside of our normal functional language-set, drawing from the late and I believe great Zygmunt Bauman, the Leeds-based sociologist. Does this seem plausible to say that the modern purposeful nature of global management in late-modernity has retreated from “the idea of a ‘total’ order to be erected floor by floor in a protracted consistent, purpose-guided effort of labour” (Zygmunt Bauman)? The aesthetic sense of ‘moving towards’ that made men and women moral and serious about the work-space has transmogrified into an uneasy awareness of co-workers being “involuntary nomads” or journeymen, where fellow “brothers and sisters in humanity” are not taking part in the “bliss of [the] future”. What was an intuitive shared stride into a future that would come-of-age through combined effort has now moved from an Epic-Struggle to a “tinkering… stripped of its eschatological trappings and cut off from its metaphysical roots, work has lost the centrality which it was assigned in the galaxy of values dominant in the solid modernity and heavy capitalism” and it’s lost its “ethical foundation”. If brotherhood of humanity linked arms in solid modernity now the higher ranks might be found tinkering and ‘the many’ find they are “nomad[s]” invited to share the journey alongside the former Epic-Leader (the once sacred of solid modernity), causing bemusement and dysfunctions (sacrilege of disorder). Where modernity itself tied the hands of the charismatic heroic manager now liquid-modernity ties the hands of the technocratic leader whose authenticity was once assured through long-service or technical credibility but finds they inspire ambivalence amidst the ambiguity of change processes. The Epic or Great Technocrat might appear then as the nomad-leader moving through where workplaces are caravanserai, stopping points for a shifting community of travellers, until the next stopping point. In summary the modern-nomad is a “pilgrim through life” gathering unities and maintaining recognisable patterns within matching backdrops, whereas postmodern-nomads “wander between unconnected places”.

Global Manager as the-nomad-leader

Caravanserai: the early ‘motels’ of the desert are for grazing, before wandering further.

A message to Chairpersons/CEOs from history: the UK’s new global role post-BREXIT

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Micro-analysis on the BREXIT deal is obscuring the long-view of the UK’s eventual place in the new world-order. This podcast invites a very confident view from history. Past withdrawals from European power invited interesting equilibrium-seeking leadership. Via media, or the middle-way, became something of the English genius. The ability to please our European markets and hunt down high-seas markets will be played out again. Shaking free from EU oversight offers its own form of energy. Use this podcast to engage senior leaders in a wider conversation. Click here


Blue seas ahead: pointing ships into storms remains the only route for boardroom dialogue