Reflections on the nature of slow inexorable change

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My first visit up to the ‘all seeing’ Castle Hill in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, yesterday with Mark to shoot a video introduction to an international variant of one of our MBA modules, but this doubled nicely as a video blog on my current research. Particularly keen to share thoughts on the nature of slow change and how embedded ideas (worldviews) drive change more than the charismatic individual (Soren Kierkegaard’s notions). It struck me afresh being up there how the convergence of ideas (more so than one off events) moves the world on and how spotting these subtle (Peter Senge’s observation) and less seductive and charismatic ‘images’ deserve our attention; that is the desire is to pull away from the organisational frame of reference on leadership primarily and put into the mind the notion that our practice is infused by our residual worldview. The notion of our ‘opinion’ and ‘position’ influences our practice more than the abstractions of theory. Also, that theory is partly a ‘history lesson’ on how the world was when that particular fragment of reality was observed and scribed. How much then is our leadership practice a fitting of the world to old frames of references so we can please seductive theory than paying attention to the here and now and offering a unique and original description of the world as we are experiencing it? Here is video link:

Public access: 


  1. Oh no, I have to start a blog site! For my global stuff am now reading TIME magazine for the gossip, Al Jazeera for a different angle, Independent on Sunday for world news, Sunday Times for global business. Good books I reckon to be Peter Dickenson Gl;obal Strategy & Peter Senge for some spiuritual spin and seeing things as connected or in cycles. Have turned into boring lold fart, and this has been confirmed by my partner! Am now off to bark at the moon…

  2. He just reviewed my first note and would advise an error in not just the spelling mistakes (which are appalling) but also the correct title and writer of the of one of the books I mentioned, it should read – Peter Dicken `Global Shift` 5th edition. Am making notes and taking a fresh perspective having just spend £8 on Ecconomist, Sunday Times and The Independent! And if anyone is interseted I`ve just put my back out and am in agony.

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